New product requests?

At we are always thinking about what new features and what products we want to create for you. But although we have many ideas of our own, we would love to hear from you what you would fancy the most.

Would you like to have a new blog for your site, to be able to easily insert polls into your site. How about a new calendar?

The possibilities are endless!

What new products would you most like to see from in the future?

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11 Responses to “New product requests?”

  1. Hello,

    I am using the forum, and I have a request.

    Could it be possible to add the equivalent of the

    HTML tags in the BBcode. I have sometimes seen the [code][/code] tags acting like that on some others powered-by-phpBB forums. May be it is just a question of activating the option.

    I would be very grateful if you could allow that, because my forum is programming-oriented, and it would increase the readability of the messages and the efficiency of the forum.



  2. Slim says:

    i’ve notice that there’s about 30% of webstats users are arabs ,\why dont you add arabic language ?
    that would be great idea, and specially for those who don’t know english

    Thanks :)

  3. vanessa says:

    I would like a possibilitie to have a landmap (preferable Belgium) to pinpoint all our members on it

  4. Wäre es möglich auch ein Newssystem und einen Newsticker zu entwickeln/anzubieten. Der Bedarf ist vorhanden.

    I`m searching for a new newssystem / newsticker. Are you able to create something like this?

  5. tinman says:

    make the guestbook customisable and editable. It would be good if you could code your guestbook to look like the rest of your pages. Also have a function to delete messages and edit out ‘wee sweary’ words without deleting the whole message.

  6. tinman says:

    add the option to format your guestbook/forum using your existing css for your web site. Lose the white box at the bottom of the gustbook the banner along the top is sufficient, the box is just a distraction and annoyance and will put people off using the guestbook.

  7. Mario Wolf says:

    It would be nice, if I could define the background image for guest books like I can do it for a forum. At the moment I can only define a background color for guest books.

  8. Michael L says:

    Hi, der Kalender ist doch schon mal ein guter Schritt. Es ist ein Tools das man nicht einfach so selbst hinbekommt.

    Die Möglichkeit einer ics subscription fehlt leider bisher.
    Die Integration einer RSS Feeds ist bereits gelungen. Nur noch Termine müsste man von extern ‘liefern’ können.
    ..generell eine Import/Export und oder Sync Schnittstelle

    Mir gefällt das Agenda Layout super!! :-)
    Ich würde mir eine gleichartige Listenansicht ohne Beschränkung auf einen konkreten Tag wünschen. In der Art xy-Anzahl der kommenden Termine in einer Ansicht wie bei Agenda. Auch gerne mit der Mini-Monat-Navigation wie vorhanden.
    Ja und dann fehlt nur noch die Möglichkeit (und Erlaubniss) eine solche Seite per iFrame einzubinden statt nur die Include-Codes. Ah.. und wenn ich schon dabei bin :-) die Möglichkeit ein wenig eigenes CSS einzufügen wäre die Krönung.

  9. Paulo says:

    Your forums are great, but I have a request… I gess it can’t be reeealy hard for you to implement the “sticky thread” funcionality… It’s a great feature and it was awesome if you could make it available.

  10. Yeow says:

    something very good to do is a newsletter ;)
    imagine: newsletter By Motigo.
    WOW!!! Excelent idea!

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