New ranking on the webstats catalogues

Motigo has re-arranged the top lists of the webstats catalogue. Up to now, the ranking was based on the daily number of Page Views of a website. Starting from now, the ranking will be based of the number of daily Visits instead (you can find this value on your statistic page under “Visits”). Why did we do it? We consider this to be a much fairer basis for the ranking, since the number of visitors of a website is hard to manipulate and so we hope to have a fairer website ranking for all users.

Page Views and Visits

Page Views and Visits

Page Views and Visits – what is the difference?

Page views is the view of one page in your website – every time a page is loaded, this is considered a Page View. It doesn’t make any difference if it is the same user visiting the page or not.

Visits are the number of individual visits to your website. This statistic is based on recognition of a browser cookie in the visitor’s browser. Therefore, the visitor is not counted again if he has already been visiting the site within the last 24 hours.

You can read more about the difference between Page Views and Unique Visitors here.

Still have questions? You can contact Motigo’s support team anytime!

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6 Responses to “New ranking on the webstats catalogues”

  1. Thanks for this post. Being a newbie in the online industry is somewhat difficult. But reading posts like this would be of great help. Thanks

  2. DominicT says:

    That will be a nice way of page ranking. I feel it will be better than Google PageRanking as on Google we end up getting the same info from all sites

  3. Estoy satisfecho por vuestras estadísticas que cada vez se comportan con mayor porecisión. Gracias

  4. Simon says:

    me parece que es un sistema mas preciso y justo. Gracias

  5. Vielen Dank für den Hinweis auf Ihre geänderte Erfassung der Besucher. Es ist wirklich logisch Besucher einmal zu erfassen, die Seitenaufrufe aber unten trotzdem zu zählen. Das Ergebnis ist so aussagekräftiger.

  6. I think this will help my page get ranked higher and that is all I care about :)

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