New on webstats: Exclude your own visits

With the new webstats feature “Exclude my own visits”, you can get more accurate visitor statistics by choosing the data that’s relevant for you. Up to now, your webstats counter registered all visits. The result: Your visits as webmaster were also registered amongst all the other visits. With our new feature you can now exclude your own visits and get more relevant statistics.

You’re wondering how does it work? It’s simple: It works by setting a cookie in your browser. However, if you delete your cookies or use a new browser or computer, you must log in and go to “My counters” to enable the function again.

How to exclude your own visits:

1. Login to motigo

2. Click on “Webstats”

3. Click on “Exclude my own visits”


This feature will only work for the most recent version of the counter code. It will not work for outdated or damaged counter codes.

Still have an old version of the code? You can get an updated code for your counter on your motigo account anytime:

This is how you get your counter code:

1. Login to motigo

2. Click on “Webstats”

3. Click on “show html code” under the counter’s name

4. Select the counter type (small icon or live counter)

5. Copy the code and paste it in your website

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6 Responses to “New on webstats: Exclude your own visits”

  1. Hello,

    To exclude my own visits to my site, I have to paste a new html code. Will my counter return to zero or what is already accounted will simply be added ?

    Good day.


  2. That feature doesn’t work, even though it now says “Include my own visits” and not “Exclude my own visits”…
    My visits are still shown on the Webstats-page…

    Yours Kirsten Schwartz

  3. Carla says:

    @ Kirsten, Pierre: Thanks for your comments :) If you have questions about the new features, please contact our support team at

    your motigo team

  4. mmirosavljevic says:

    @ pierre laporte

    your stats will remain unaffected :-)

  5. Carol says:

    This feature is a great advancement… I’m exited about the upgrades.

  6. Carol says:

    “Exclude my own visits” – this is a great feature.

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