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Motigo now available in Italian

Tuesday December 22nd, 2009

As you might have realized, we have been quite busy in the last months working on many cool new features for webstats. Now we’d like to make motigo available to even more webmasters in their own language.

We know how important it is for yourself and your visitors to use website tools in your own language making them easier to use and understand. From now all motigo services are also available in Italian. We are now really multilingual and available in six different languages!


The motigo site and service pages are always shown by default in the language of your browser. You can change the language anytime by using the “language” menu on the grey bar at the top of the pages.

If you have any questions you can contact our support team anytime :-)

New at Motigo Webstats: Live counter for your website

Thursday October 1st, 2009

Many webstats users have asked us for a graphic counter that would display the number of page views on their website. Today, we are happy to introduce this new feature: Here is the webstats live counter in multiple designs to choose from!

With this new widget you can display a summary of your visitor statistics directly on your website to keep you and your visitors always informed.


The live counter updates automatically so there is no need to reload the page to update the numbers. It is displayed to all visitors who have Adobe Flash Player version 9 or newer (which covers 97%-99% of all users). Even if some of your visitors don’t have Adobe Flash Player, there’s no reason to worry – ALL visitors will be registered  :)

Want to get a live counter straightaway? You only have to replace the counter code on your website:

1) Login at Motigo


2) Click on “Webstats” on your account overview


3) Select the counter for which you would like to have a live counter and click on “Show html code”:


4) Select the option Live Counter and copy the counter code. Now you only have to replace the counter code on your website with this one and the new live counter will be displayed on your site.


All new counters will get the live counter code as default. If you’d rather have the small webstats icon your page, you only have to select the “Small icon” option to get another code.

Protect your stats: How to enable private statistics

At Motigo Webstats you can now choose to have private statistics. If you do not wish to show your statistic page to other visitors, you can now protect your stats so that you are the only one to see them. As webmaster, you are now free to decide if you want to show your visitor statistics or not. It only takes you one click to turn your statistics private.

To protect your statistics:

1)      Login at Motigo


2)      Select the counter which you would like to edit and click on the tool icon:


3) Select the option “Enable private statistics”


4) Click on “Save changes”

Enjoy the new feature :)

If you have any questions, contact our support team anytime!

New on webstats: Exclude your own visits

With the new webstats feature “Exclude my own visits”, you can get more accurate visitor statistics by choosing the data that’s relevant for you. Up to now, your webstats counter registered all visits. The result: Your visits as webmaster were also registered amongst all the other visits. With our new feature you can now exclude your own visits and get more relevant statistics.

You’re wondering how does it work? It’s simple: It works by setting a cookie in your browser. However, if you delete your cookies or use a new browser or computer, you must log in and go to “My counters” to enable the function again.

How to exclude your own visits:

1. Login to motigo

2. Click on “Webstats”

3. Click on “Exclude my own visits”


This feature will only work for the most recent version of the counter code. It will not work for outdated or damaged counter codes.

Still have an old version of the code? You can get an updated code for your counter on your motigo account anytime:

This is how you get your counter code:

1. Login to motigo

2. Click on “Webstats”

3. Click on “show html code” under the counter’s name

4. Select the counter type (small icon or live counter)

5. Copy the code and paste it in your website

New at Motigo Webstats: Share your counter

Thursday July 16th, 2009

Sharing is a good thing and with webstats’ new feature it’s easier than ever. With “Share my counter”, you can not only make your website known among friends and family, but also share your Motigo Webstats statistics by sending them an e-mail. We have made it nice and easy:

Do you have a counter already?

Just login at motigo:


Click on “Webstats” on your account overview:


Select the counter, which you would like to share and click on “Share”:

share link en

Now, you only have to fill in your friends’ names and e-mail addresses and click on “Send message”:


Are you creating a new counter?

When creating a new counter, you will receive a link to the Share-My-Counter page as soon as your counter has registered the first visits.

Enjoy the new feature!

… And don’t forget to tell your friends about your website and Motigo Webstats!

PS: This new feature will require using a reCAPTCHA before sending the message. To know more about reCAPTCHA, have a look at Motigo Lexicon. Want to use reCAPTCHA on your website? Find out how in Tips&Tricks.

New ranking on the webstats catalogues

Tuesday June 23rd, 2009

Motigo has re-arranged the top lists of the webstats catalogue. Up to now, the ranking was based on the daily number of Page Views of a website. Starting from now, the ranking will be based of the number of daily Visits instead (you can find this value on your statistic page under “Visits”). Why did we do it? We consider this to be a much fairer basis for the ranking, since the number of visitors of a website is hard to manipulate and so we hope to have a fairer website ranking for all users.

Page Views and Visits

Page Views and Visits

Page Views and Visits – what is the difference?

Page views is the view of one page in your website – every time a page is loaded, this is considered a Page View. It doesn’t make any difference if it is the same user visiting the page or not.

Visits are the number of individual visits to your website. This statistic is based on recognition of a browser cookie in the visitor’s browser. Therefore, the visitor is not counted again if he has already been visiting the site within the last 24 hours.

You can read more about the difference between Page Views and Unique Visitors here.

Still have questions? You can contact Motigo’s support team anytime!

Webstats icons with new looks

Wednesday April 22nd, 2009

We have been busy redesigning the webstats icon and have a whole series of new icons ready for testing. Some testing has already begun. So don’t worry if you suddenly see a different webstats icon on your website instead of the little blue square with the red line graph, as we are trying out different colours and formats.


During the test period different new icons will appear on the websites on a random basis. The icon’s new look will not affect statistic measuring in any way – you will get the same reliable stats you’re used to from your webstats counter.

We hope you like the new icons!

Your motigo team

Devblog has joined Motigo Magazine

Thursday April 16th, 2009

Our Motigo development blog, formerly hosted at has been merged into our brand new blog, Motigo Magazine.

All old posts from the devblog are available, and can be found in the archives, via relevant tags or categories.

This makes it easier for you to follow our posts, having only one blog to watch.

The motigo team welcomes you to this blog!

Sunday March 29th, 2009

Motigo provides useful, high quality free website tools to webmasters all over the world. In addition to our popular Webstats counter and web statistic tool, we also offer forums, guestbooks, online calendars and URL-Redirection.

You’re wondering what to expect in this blog? Well, these are our plans:

With practical tips and short tutorials, we want to help motigo users make the most of their motigo tools. You’ll see: There is a great deal of potential in your motigo services!

Internet technical terms made simple: That’s the purpose of Motigo Lexicon. We will have a closer look at many of them and dedicate clear and simple posts to explaining what they mean.

Knowledge is power and here you get it free of charge ;-) . SEO, Web design, writing for the Internet… These are only a couple of themes, which we would like to address and explain without gobbledygook and in a way that is easy to understand.

Of course, we will also post the latest developments and features on motigo, so just visit us regularly to keep in touch.

Your praise, critics and comments to the posts are welcome! We look forward to your comments and mails.

Happy reading!
Your motigo team

New on Motigo Webstats: Customizable Dashboard!

Thursday December 11th, 2008

After the Heat Map, we are proud to present another new feature for webstats – your dashboard!

With this new feature you decide what is shown on your main statistic page. With the help of the dashboard you can show your visitors the information, which you find relevant.

This means that your main statistic page is now fully customizable.

The new dashboard is already available to all motigo users with the latest version of the webstats counter code.


Where do I find my Dashboard?

You will find the Dashboard in the Admin Area of your counters in your motigo account:

  1. Login to motigo
  2. Click on “Webstats”
  3. You will see a list with all your counters. After every counter title, you will see the new link “Dashboard”
  4. Click on this link to get to the counter’s dashboard

To login, you need your username and password. Forgot your password? No problem, you can request a new password here.

How do I use the Dashboard?

After clicking on “Dashboard” you will see the Dashboard page. On the left of the page (My Dashboard) you can see the components, which are currently displayed on the main page of your statistics. On the right side you can see all available Dashboard components.

You can now choose to show any of these components on your main statistic page. With the new dashboard you have a customizable statistic page. Now you can:

Remove components
To remove a component, drag it from your dashboard to the list of available dashboard components on the right.
Add components
To add a component to your dashboard, just drag an available dashboard component from the list to your dashboard on the left.
Reorder components
You can reorder the components in your dashboard by dragging them up or down in the list.

After this, just click on “Save changes”! The components on your Dashboard are now shown on your main statistic page. You can change your Dashboard anytime.

Don’t have a webstats counter yet?

If you don’t have a Webstats counter yet, now is your chance. It gives you valuable statistics for your website about your visitors, is free and easy to setup.

To try out the new feature, log in to your motigo account.

Still have questions? Our Support Team is here to help you!a