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Cool uses of the motigo calendar

Tuesday September 11th, 2007

It’s always cool to see your product get used in cool and innovative ways. To encourage such behavior, we added embed-able versions of our newly launched calendar. By placing a few lines of javascript codes to your static html page, you will automatically get a very dynamic calendar shown on your page. Just like you would show an ad from google – now just with some real content ;-)

Some of our users have done a really nice job of using these small-size calendars on their page. We feel that we should give you a view into how cool your motigo calendar can look and how nice it works. Check out these pages for inspiration on how you can improve your own site with your very own calendar functionality:

  • Minigolf Club Classic Košice
    Has integrated the month view quite nicely into his existing design. The calendar fits seamlessly with it’s surrounding elements.
  • de nieuwe schakel
    Has both integrated a calendar RSS feed into his calendar and uses the embed-able month view to show this on his page. Very nice!
  • Historia de Guipúzcoa
    Notice how well the transparent background of the calendar works perfect with the general layout of the site.
  • THE OZ…
    Check out how nicely the agenda view and the month view work together side-by side.

We are extremely happy to see the already widespread use of our newly launched calendar – and especially that people are using it both as we planned, but also in new ways that just want us to keep on improving it.

We are looking forward for finding even more cool uses of the motigo projects in the future. Do you know of some?