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And so it begins…

Friday April 20th, 2007

After the launch of on March 31st, we’ve been busy tweaking and correcting small things making sure our users are happy. Our support team has been brilliant in keeping track of the minor glitches which we’re now on top of.

All in all we’re happy about how well our launch went. With existing users in the hundreds of thousands it was only very few existing users who suffered from the minor glitches that happened in transfering them from their former services (webtropia and webstats4u).

As we are finally on top of things again, we can begin to look ahead and concentrate on many of the exciting new features and services we have in store for you. We, the developers, have created this blog to have a direct channel with which we can communicate with our users.

Regarding the future… First and foremost, we will continue to improve the existing services we have, but we’re almost more excited about the new services that are coming. You will hear about all this shortly. We can’t wait to start!

Stay tuned. 2007 is going to be a great motigo year.